The Proposal

So in June 2012, Stelle hopped over to Saint Tropez for bridesmaid duties for a week.
Glen had been thinking about putting a ring on her finger for several years by that stage, but the perfect opportunity hadn’t exposed itself… until then.

Glen realised that at the end of June he had a big JUNK! show planned in their favourite video game bar in Osaka – Space Station.
Also, one of their best friends Evan and his wife-to-be Rosie would be in town for the gig, as well as another couple Dan and Jess from Melbourne, along with all of their Osaka friends.

The week alone meant Glen could go ring shopping, venue planning and rehearse the technical aspects in secret. Perfect!

So the very last song he played at the show was called ‘A Million’ (as in ‘thanks’), and he pulled Christelle up to sing the last verse to her.  This got everyone’s attention, then all of the screens changed to ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’, and Glen got down on one knee holding out a ring. The only person who knew this was coming was the bar owner Matt to make sure the screens were working! Surprise!!

Glen is extremely lucky to have been given his mother Janet’s engagement ring, which was passed down to his father Robert from his mother Ivy, to give to Christelle!

(Apologies for the potty mouths…)
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